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Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Customer Appreciation
*** "I love mTrax... Such a feature [the Trax Document Manager is already available as of mTrax version 2.6] would make mTrax an even more incredible ..."

*** "I really like mTrax! It really helps me use my practice time efficiently. Congrats on a great application"

*** "I love the program it's been a great streamliner for learning songs for the cover band."

*** "I really love this program and my playing has really improved since I started using it."

*** "Very nice work. I love using this tool. Just learned the first half of Bella’s Lullaby last night using it, after trying to just play along with a ..."

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Learn Your Favorite Songs, Solos And Riffs Quickly And Easily. Take Control of Tempo, Pitch, Looping and More!
Master Your Music at Your Own Speed!

mTrax is a revolutionary tool designed to help you become a better musician, fast. mTrax is a Guitar Trainer, a Speed Trainer,  a training tool for any instrument, as well as a Music Player. mTrax automatically loads your music so that you can conveniently slow down and learn any or all of you favorite music. You can easily identify and save the difficult sections of a song (intros, riffs, breaks, solos and outros) so you can loop through them at much slower speeds, slow enough to learn them note by note or hear fingering subtleties. You can even choose to slowly increase the tempo with each loop iteration, making it the ultimate Speed Trainer. But mTrax is much more than a slowdowner or a looper; a lot of thought has been put into saving your precious time and maximizing your practice time.


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"...This is THE BEST tool for people learning music!..."

Being a professional musician of 20+ years, I have seen a lot of musical gadgets and tools available to help guitarists speed up, slow down and learn music. There are quite a few out there! Just when I decided to search again, I found mTrax!

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DrummaTicks Release History

What is DrummaTicks?
DrummaTicks is a drum machine that uses your computer sound card to play drum patterns. You can also think of DrummaTicks as a very advanced metronome. If you can't afford a professional drum player willing to teach you the beat, then Drummaticks is probably the next best thing, at a much, much lower cost...
Like metronomes, drum machines come in a wide variety of hardware and software products. While many high end drum machines have features geared towards song composition and recording, DrummaTicks, like a metronome, is a training and learning tool, easy to use and less expensive to buy.

Main Features:
  • Easy-to-use Metronome.
  • Drum Pattern Player.
  • Drum Pattern Composer (export to Midi file).
  • Speed Trainer.
  • Tempo Trainer.

Who should use DrummaTicks?
If you are a musician, whether you are a beginner or a pro, you know how important it is to be able to keep the beat, keep a steady tempo or play rhythmic patterns in synch with the tempo and with other musicians. Most music teachers will agree that one should practice ones instrument with a metronome; it is essential to the development of any learning musician. Now you could go out and buy a metronome but why do that? For the same price or less, you can get DrummaTicks, a drum machine that does everything a metronome does and a lot more! And because DrummaTicks lets you play common drum patterns such as Rock, Disco, Samba etc, it is a lot more inspiring than the tic-toc of a metronome. In addition to common metronome usage, drum player can also use DrummaTicks to learn complex rhythm patterns starting at a slow tempo, and slowly getting to faster tempos.

What can I do with DrummaTicks?
While simple to use, DrummaTicks offers a lot of features. You can:
  • Play drum patterns at tempos ranging from 20 to 260 beats per minute.
  • Create your own drum patterns or use a wide array of default ones.
  • Create your own drumsets or use the default ones.
  • Change the number of beats per measure from 2 to 8.
  • Set the beat subdivision to 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8. This is extremely useful when practicing 16th notes, triplets or other difficult note sequences
  • Become a better musician when you practice your instrument along drum patterns created with a choice of over 50 percussion sounds, keeping you inspired, jamming and practicing for longer periods of time.
  • Become a faster playing musician when you practice with the built-in Speed Trainer, a tool that lets you set a starting tempo and an ending tempo between which your drum pattern will play progressively faster.
  • Use the InSync Tempo Trainer tool to increase your time-keeping accuracy; you can select a number of measures to loop from 2 to 8 and turn off the sound of certain beats and/or measure iterations.
  • Easily compose Drum patterns and use your creations in your favorite Audio/midi software (sequencer etc.); the patterns that your create and play are automatically exported to MIDI file format (*.mid).

  • 30-day Trial Period
  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

Do you suffer from Password Anxiety?  Do you dread website registration and login?  Are you re-using the same few passwords for all of your password protected websites and applications? Are you keeping track of your passwords and other sensitive information in an unprotected, unencrypted file? Are you finding it difficult to create and remember strong passwords that are difficult to crack? If you answered 'Yes' to any of the above questions then CryptaPass is for you!

CryptaPass makes website login ultra-fast, easy and fun!  Quick Search to find a record.  Click to navigate directly to the website.  Simply Drag and Drop your login information from the EZ Login Toolbar without ever even having to know or see your Login information.  CryptaPass will also make it easy for you to generate strong passwords and keep your sensitive records in a safe, encrypted place.

Watch this 2-minute Video Tutorial!

CryptaPass Video Tutorial

  • Quick Search to find a record.  Click to automatically navigate to the found item.  Simply Drag and Drop User Name & Password fields from the EZ Login Toolbar now appearing on the opened website to login without ever having to see or know your login information.
  • Password file is encrypted using 128-bit Microsoft SqlCE Encryption Technology.
  • Easily generate strong passwords .
  • Easily choose to show or hide (******) your passwords for added security.
  • Easily Sort, Filter and Group your sensitive records.
  • CryptaPass will automatically shutdown if not being used after a number of minutes that you can set, from 10 to 180 minutes.

  • 30-day trial period.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

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