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Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Customer Appreciation
*** "mTrax is phenomenally great. I’ll always be able to find ways to improve it. But it has made learning new songs so much easier. Thank you for that. ..."

*** "I really like mTrax! It really helps me use my practice time efficiently. Congrats on a great application"

*** "I can't tell you enough how wonderful your product is! I have used it the last week, and I am making great progress with songs I am practicing. ..."

*** "I'm really getting into mTrax. I've got over 200 banjo songs all set up and I like how easy it is to navigate to where I want to be and how easy it ..."

*** "mTrax has been a help in slowing complicated parts down to hear better. It's loop feature that sequentially speeds up is great for disciplined ..."

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