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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Download the latest DrummaTicks v1 release!
*** Version (2012-11-17)
  • Change: Added Windows 8 Compatibility.
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.
*** Version (2011-06-05)
  • New Feature:  InSync Tempo Trainer. Increase your time-keeping accuracy; you can select a number of measures to loop from 2 to 8 and turn off the sound of certain beats and/or measure iterations.
  • New Feature: Export to MIDI. The patterns that your create and play in DrummaTicks are automatically exported to MIDI file format (*.mid). You can then use them in favorite audio/Midi software (sequencer etc.)
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.
*** Version (2010-03-12)
  • New Help System: the Help System is now web-based, more dynamic and up-to-date.
  • New Feature:: Master Volume Control: Control the overall volume level.
  • New Feature:: Default Output Midi Devicel: for users with more than one midi device or sound card, this feature let you choose which one DrummaTicks will use.
  • New Feature:: Mute Column: ability to mute one instrument within a pattern. This may be used to assess the impact of an instrument over the whole pattern.
  • New Feature:: Note Volume Control: A trackbar will appear when you right-click a note, allowing you to change its volume with your mouse or arrow keys. The Note Volume Control will also appear when you point to a note and press the SHIFT key.
  • New Feature:: User-Defined Drum Sets: you can now create your own drum sets. A Drum Set is a saved selection of instruments, wich is then used for pattern creation or playback.
  • New Feature:: Drag&Drop Pattern Instrument Ordering: you can now change the position of Pattern instruments by Drag&Dropping them to a new location.
  • New Feature:: Instrument Column popup menu: right-clicking an instrument name cell wil allow you to remove it, change its position, or add a new instrument to the drum set used by the pattern.