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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Gain Versus Volume

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Posted by: centralscrutinizer, on 7/10/2007, in category "Articles About mTrax"
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Location: California, United States
Abstract: Discusses the difference between Gain and Volume settings.

Gain controls the input of the channel (say, how loud you sing into a recording microphone plugged into your computer) while Volume controls the Output (say, how loud you want to hear your recorded singing voice by turning up or down the volume of your computer's sound system). Which one to use when?  Use the Gain control to compensate the levels of different songs/tracks since recordings are not all recorded at the same level. Some will be louder than others. You should use the Gain level to manually compensate, equalize or normalize the different songs levels so that some tracks do not stand out more than others when playing them one after the other, in a list fashion. Note that too much gain may cause distortion. Remember that your Gain setting will be saved for future playing when you set Track Gain in General Settings to "Saved Values". "None" will play the song with 0 Gain and "Normalized" will attempt to find the right level, using an algorithm to determine an average level.

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