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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

mTrax Trial Version versus Full Version

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Posted by: centralscrutinizer, on 2/23/2008, in category "Articles About mTrax"
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Abstract: Discusses the differences between the trial version and the full version of mTrax.

None! In terms of functionality, there is no difference between the trial and the full version. The only difference is that the trial version expires after a number of days or a number of uses, whichever comes last. If you are happy with mTrax, you can purchase the license for mTrax to continue using it. After placing the license file in the mTrax installation folder, the time restrictions will go away.

So if you have purchased mTrax a month ago and there's is a new version available on this site, just download it and install it over you existing version to benefit from new features and program updates.

Important Note: Installing a newer version will preserve all your settings such as Libraries, Practice Lists Track Sections etc.


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