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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

How to add songs to your mTrax library

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Posted by: centralscrutinizer, on 7/25/2009, in category "Articles About mTrax"
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Abstract: This articles discusses 3 ways by which new songs can be added t an existing mTrax library.

As you already know, an mTrax library points to a folder on your computer. when you create a library, mTrax scans the choosen folder and sub-folders within it to find audio files with a valid extension like mp3 or m4a. mTrax keeps track of what files are in your library in a database file for convenience and speed of access, but your audio files are never moved from their original folder or duplicated. mTrax also synchronizes your libraries periocally to make sure that audio files added or deleted from your library folder are accounted for by mTrax.

Remember that you can always run a synchronization manually by pressing the "Synchronize Current Library" button:

Synchronize Current Library


Adding new audio files (tracks) to a library amounts to adding audio files to the folder (or any of its subfolders) which the library points to. If you do not know or remember which folder a library points to, just hover the library name with your mouse and a tooltip with the folder path will pop up. You can also access this folder by right-clicking the library name and press the "Explore Library Folder" option.

There are 3 ways to add new songs to your mTrax library:

  1. Copy an audio file from a folder on your computer to the library folder. This is no different from copying any file from one folder to another with Vista or XP. Remember that only valid audi file type will be included in your mTrax Library. These audio files extensions are shown in the mTrax FAQs. Also, links or shortcuts to files do not work; you must copy the actual file. Once done copying, just synch your library manually (see above pic) to see the new tracks in you library list.
  2. Drag & Drop an audio file from a folder on your computer onto the mTrax library name. This is an easy way to add new tracks to your library. Remember that it will only work with files with valid audio extensions. Again, file shortcuts do not work either.
  3. Drag & Drop atrack from the current library onto the name of another mTrax library. If you have created more than one library, you can drag & drop a track from your current library onto the name of another one. the advantage of this method is that all your settings (sections etc) will also be copied to the new library.









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