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Thursday, July 29, 2021

What is the Microcoft .NET Framework?

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Posted by: centralscrutinizer, on 7/4/2011, in category "mTrax Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)"
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Abstract: Describes Microsoft's .net framework.

The Microsoft .NET Framework is a software platform used to create modern applications using modern programming languages like C# and VB.NET. Its purpose is similar to that of the Java Runtime environment used to create applications written in java.
The .Net Framwork is used to create all kinds of applications, web sites, network or internet applications but also desktop programs such as Microsoft's Expression Blend or TerraSofta's mTrax.

You can learn more about the .net Framework here or here

Because TerraSofta uses the .NET Framework for its software applications, you may be asked to install it as part of a software installation.
If you computer has enabled Automatic Windows Updates, the required .net framework (or part thereof) may already be installed. In general, our software is compiled using the most recent version. One advantage, along with smaller footprint and increased performance, is that we are not cluttering your computer with older software files. One slight disadvantage is that it may not have been installed on your computer yet.

As mentioned above, if the required version of the .net framework is not present on your computer, you will be asked to install it during the installation process of any of our software.
If you prefer to install it independently, you can do so here:

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