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Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Thread: mTrax Questions, Requests and Suggestions / Window 7 compatibility, large mTrax libraries

Window 7 compatibility, large mTrax libraries
That's all good and well but I  DO want to delete my 45 gig music library from mTrax so it doesn't have to load thousands upon thousands of song every time I run it. When I try to do that my computer freezes up and uses 100% of its resouces. Basically the program crashes and refuses to terminate unless I go into task manager and  END PROGRAM 3 OR 4 TIMES. It also takes forever to load upon starting the program ( I suspect that is because it has to load the massive music library. I really just want to load the individual songs that I wish to study.

Also I need all that space taken up by the redundant music library for other things. 
I have been using the trial version and would like to buy the program from you but this is definitely an issue.
I have used up my last 5 trial uses just opening and closing the program to attempt to deal with this problem.
I really like mTrax besides this issue. I am running Windows 7 which tells me to run it in XP SP2 compatibility mode FYI.

Thanks for the help in advance!


Re: Window 7 compatibility, large mTrax libraries

Hello Chilblain,

thanks for sharing your concerns here.


First, mTrax is 100% Windows 7 compatible so you do not have to run it in any compatiblity mode.

Second, a 45 gig library should not pose any problem and should load in seconds, with plainty of memory left to run all of your other programs. I use a windows 7 laptop and my 68 gig library (about 12,000 songs) loads in seconds, much faster than with iTunes.

Also, with mTrax, you have many options when it comes to singling out one or a few tracks. One of them is to create additional libraries, pointing to tracks in different folders on your computer. For example, you could create one library just for songs that you play in your cover band.

Of course, this does not necessarily solve your problem so i would suggest that you send me an email with your phone number at I am sure i'll be able to help you either via phone or using (web meeting) if you wish.

Looking forward to solving this one with you!

PS: mTrax does not copy your audio files when a library is created. Like iTunes and Windows Media Player, mTrax only saves a reference to the location of your audio files. So if you change the Artist name of a track from say, 'Jimmy' to 'Jimmi', you will see that change in iTunes and WMP as well.

PPS: the trial period is based on the number of uses (30) AND the number of days (30), whichever comes LAST. So even if you are out of 'uses', you could still have many days left in your trial period.

Thank You.


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