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Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Customer Appreciation
*** "I'm really getting into mTrax. I've got over 200 banjo songs all set up and I like how easy it is to navigate to where I want to be and how easy it ..."

*** "Thanks to your excellent mTrax software I can slow down the music to a speed that I can keep up with, as I learn the piece. I would like to say thank ..."

*** "I love the features of your product, bloody marvelous to be able to define sections and to save all the various settings per section!"

*** "mTrax is phenomenally great. I’ll always be able to find ways to improve it. But it has made learning new songs so much easier. Thank you for that. ..."

*** "P.S. I've been using the trial and it's an amazing product!"

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Slow Down Music With mTrax!

Product: mTrax for Windows (version

Price: 39.99 USD 10% Off = 35.99 USD

Availability: Available
Rating: 268 user(s) have rated this product Average rating: 4.9


Slow down your music, songs and favorite riffs with mTrax and reach your musical goals faster!

Have you ever dreamed of playing like Santana, Eric Clapton, Satriani, George Benson, Slash or even Frank Gambale. Do you feel like you've 'Hit the wall' and can't progress anymore? If so, come onboard and see the light at the end of the tunnel with mTrax, the Music Player for Musicians.

mTrax is a revolutionary tool designed to help you become a better musician, fast. mTrax is an Audio File Slow Downer, a  Guitar Trainer, a Speed Trainer, on top of a Music Player.  You can easily identify and save the difficult sections of a song (intros, riffs, breaks, solos and outros) so you can loop through them at much slower speeds, slow enough to learn them note by note or hear fingering subtleties. You can even choose to slowly increase the tempo with each loop iteration, making it the ultimate Speed Trainer. But mTrax is much more than a slowdowner or an audio looper; a lot of thought has been put into saving your precious time and maximizing your practice time.

Indeed, mTrax does a lot more than just slow down music:
  • Adjust Tempo And/Or Pitch Independently: You can change the tempo of your audio file without affecting the pitch and vice versa. Remember reel-to-reel, tapes, records and other antiquated technologies? None of this. mTrax uses the latest digital technologies, providing excellent audio quality even at slower speeds. An while you can create and save any number of slowed down loops per track, none of this requires extra space or files on your computer. 
  • Speed Trainer: Now that you can play that riff at a much slower tempo, it's time to take it up a notch, or 2, or 3....The Speed Trainer allows you to slowly increase speed from a Starting Tempo to an Ending Tempo over a number of Loops. Just when you thought you were 'hitting a wall', another fun challenge comes your way.
  • Multi Song Practice: Because mTrax is list-based, you can easily switch to a different song without having to search for and load from your computer the next song you want to work on.
  • Unlimited Sections Per Song: mTrax lets you create as many sections as you want for one song. This is extremely useful because songs usually have many tricky parts such as intros, solos, outros, breaks etc. You can switch from one section to the next in the blink of an eye, no need to reset or reload. So you never get bored of practicing the same thing. Once created, a section is automatically saved for all future practices.
  • Tune Your Tunes: Once you have adjusted the pitch of your favorite songs to fit your needs or because they are slightly off the A440 standard, you can jam through a whole list of songs without ever having to constantly retune your instrument. Now that's progress! Remember, your audio files have NOT been modified to accomplish this. If you play your file with another music player, you will see that nothing has changed; your file is as new as the day you got it.
  • Trax Recorder: Easily record your tempo/pitch altered songs or sections for use on the go. The Trax Recorder will record as many loops as you choose, all at the same tempo, or at an increasing speed.
  • Trax Document Manager: Find your song-related lyrics, tabs, videos or other documents at the click of a button; the Trax Document Manager lets you link local documents and web pages to your songs so it's always easy to find them.
  • Trax Slicer: Create track sections as you listen to your song. Each section can then have it own tempo, loop and EQ settings. Sections help you focus on specific part of your songs, such as intros, riffs, solos and endings. You can create as many sections as you want. All your settings are saved for your next practice.
  • Print your Playlists: Preview and Print your Playlists to share with share with band members or use as a gig set lists.
  • Export your Playlists to Excel: Export your playlists to Microsoft Excel for later printing, archiving or emailing. Exporting to Excel allows you to edit your list without affecting your original mTrax playlist.
  • Sections/Songs Difficulty Ratings: You can rate songs and sections according to their Difficulty level. This allows you to focus on what needs the most attention. You can also use Difficulty ratings in a Smart Practice List to monitor your progress
  • Sort, Filter and Group: You can sort, filter and group the songs and sections in the Trax Explorer so you can easily focus on what you want to practice today.
  • The Trax Explorer: The Trax Explorer is the place where songs are listed. Not only can you see song info like Artist, Title and Genre, you can also edit these values, just like with iTunes or other well-know music players. This is where you can sort, filter and group your songs.
  • The Smart Practice List: A Smart Practice List is a filter-based subset of your Library. So the number of tracks in it will depend on a filter such as [Difficulty Level is more than 3 stars]. After working on these songs a few times, you make progress, you adjust the songs Difficulty level and the number of songs in your list decreases. You can see yourself making progress as well as hear it. Sweet!
  • The Practice Timer: Most people live a really busy and crazy life and  practicing one's instrument is not always first priority. With the Practice Timer, you can commit to at least 10, 20 or 30 minutes a day. Remember, a little practice every day is a lot better than a 3 hour binge once a month!
  • Loop 'Til You Droop: You can loop a tricky song part over and over at a much slower tempo until you get it right or die, whichever comes first. Just kidding, Sometimes all you need is a little Muscle Memory.
  • Extreme Personalization: Make it your own; you can choose among a variety of color schemes, you can move the different parts of the User Interface wherever you want; you can Dock, Tab, Pin and Resize to your heart's desire.
  • Once Set, Forever Saved: All your settings are saved automatically. For example, if you create 3 sections for a song today, all with their own specific tempo and EQ settings, chances are you will want to practice them for days to come. Well, your sections will be there tomorrow, no need to redo this setup work again, no need to save slowed down parts to file and no need to reload them every time one by one, one after the other.
  • All My Favorites, Anytime: All your favorite songs are at your disposal in your library. So you don't have to constantly load a song from your computer each time you want to work on it. This way, you don't get bothered and you never get bored.
  • Cut the Crop: Say you have a list of 50 of you favorite songs with on average 3 sections each. Can you imagine having to create 150 mini audio files containing your favorite loops? Ouch! Well you don't have to; with mTrax, it's not physical, it's virtual. Your audio files are never copied, sliced or modified to implement tempo change, pitch change or looping. However, if you change the artist's name of you song from say, 'Jimmy Hendrix' to 'Jimi Hendrix', the new name will show if you play your song in iTunes. Not to Worry, it's by design. That's because your audio file also contains text information like artist, title, album etc.
  • Practice What You Wish: You can choose to practice a list of songs, the songs and their sections, or only the sections. You do so with the "Auto Play" and "List Items" options in the Navigator control. This way you can really focus on your learning objectives for the day.
  • Web Resources: (Tools> Web Resources) Conveniently access music resources such as:
    • Free Tab Editor
    • Guitar chords, lyrics, scales, chord progressions, arpeggios, tuner etc.
    • Printable music paper, blank sheet music
    • Ear training, music theory, theory drills
    • much more!

Other Benefits:

  • Free minor release updates of version 2!
  • Free Support by mail, by phone or web Conferencing.
  • 30-day trial period!
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee!
  • If you decide not to purchase mTrax, you can still use mTrax as a great, free audio player once the Trial version has expired (some of the advanced features will be disabled).


Learning to play your instrument like your favorite artists is no longer a dream with mTrax! Download the latest release and start slowing down your favorite music, solos and riffs! You are guaranteed to make progress fast and have fun while you're at it!

Team TerraSofta


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