Sunday, December 16, 2018
Customer Appreciation
*** "I really do love the software features !!"

*** "I love the features of your product, bloody marvelous to be able to define sections and to save all the various settings per section!"

*** "I like the program more and more as I learn the features. Now that I have a decent grasp of how to use the program, I will use it every day. The funnel is great. I've told many friends about mTrax and, while most are not musicians, they are amazed at what it can do. I'm hoping they will pick up an instrument and start learning. Thanks again for a great practice tool."

*** "I really like mTrax! It really helps me use my practice time efficiently. Congrats on a great application"

*** "I like mTrax a lot! I selected it from a bunch of other similar programs and am happy with my choice."

*** "Nice work! The Virtual Track Slicer is so fast, that I now define a section for even repeated sections, like “Verse 2” and “Chorus 2”, which allows me to play through each section at different speeds, for example, Verse 3 could play 20% faster than Verse 1. With the old method of defining sections, it would take too long to define all sections – I’d only end up taking the time to define unique ones."

*** "I Googled for slow downers and found mTrax. Way cool! Supports features that are actually valuable and useful to the practicing musician"

*** "You truly have a great product and a great business! Keep it up!"

*** "mTrax has been a help in slowing complicated parts down to hear better. It's loop feature that sequentially speeds up is great for disciplined practice as well. But mostly being able to change the tuning of songs to match my guitar has sped up the learning process immensely."

*** "This is a great product, and seems very easy to learn.
I’ve only used the trial version for about twenty minutes and am delighted  with the level of progress I am making to learn the software.
It is well thought out from a user’s point of view. I am discovering features of the program that before using mTrax, I didn’t realize existed in my understanding of what could be done. Wowza!"

*** "I was in the market for one of Tascam’s guitar trainers.  These devices take existing music, slow it down, loop it and eliminate parts of the tracks.  I was on the ZZsounds web site and was reading the first customer review of the Tascam MPGT1 Portable MP3 Guitar Trainer and saw your product mentioned there. I downloaded the trial version of mTrax... The cost difference of $150 was enough to convince me mTrax was the right tool."

*** "I really love this program and my playing has really improved since I started using it."

*** "I made so much progress! Thank you so much!

*** "I especially like tackling the hard solos because you can readily hear the improvement in speed and ability and adjust mTrax to "push" yourself to higher performance levels."

*** "WOW!  I told them "only you and sears still give service."  what a pleasure to actually have someone help with tech issues without going thru phone trees, waiting times, etc etc.  And to top it off, the program is great for practicing and lots of fun."

*** "I really love this program, all my students use it. Thanks again for a super program!"

*** "I love the product !"

*** "I am very happy with mTrax. I have been playing guitar (by ear) for over 40 years. I learned on my own by playing 45s and 33s over and over. I always wished there was a way to slow them down so I could hear exactly what they were doing. mTrax is the answer to my wish! Absolutely awesome and very user friendly as well. There were a number of times I almost bought one of the other stand alone products at $100.00 - $200.00 or more. I am glad that I waited. Excellent product! Great value!"

*** "I can't tell you enough how wonderful your product is! I have used it the last week, and I am making great progress with songs I am practicing.
If you need a testimonial for your web page, please let the world of aspiring musicians know that this is one tool that is a must.
Only problem now is I have no excuses for not getting better!"

*** " I love it! Thanks!"

*** "I'm really getting into mTrax. I've got over 200 banjo songs all set up and I like how easy it is to navigate to where I want to be and how easy it is to adjust the sections to reflect my improvements in speed and ability."

*** "I am really impressed with the amount of work that went into mTrax and also what it does compared to the competition. Thanks for making my practice time so much more productive!"

*** "I love the program it's been a great streamliner for learning songs for the cover band."

*** "Hey Great Software!"

*** "Thanks for your fast support, and again kudos on developing an awesome product."

*** "Thank you very much!!! I love the program, the others don’t even come close!"

*** "It is a great product (and so much better than the r**f*ma*ter!)!!"

*** "I've tried all the products out there for slowing down music, including the Tascam hardware-oriented products.  Not only is your product the best for many reasons, but it's also an extremely good value.  I particularly like it for learning jazz as the CDs that come with lesson books are too fast for me to play at first. I wish this were around when I was a kid.
Thank you so much."

*** "[mTrax] will really help me as the band is always changing the set list to fit the venue. I usually try to get the list the week before we play so I can know where to make setting changes on my bass and amp, as well as the song order. So when I rehearse with mTrax, I put the songs in the desired order and time the set and note how much time I need between songs. It prepares me for the gig much more than just jamming along with a CD."

*** "I love mTrax... Such a feature [the Trax Document Manager is already available as of mTrax version 2.6] would make mTrax an even more incredible practice tool and allow lessons or other reference material to be structured in. Thanks for a great product."

*** "Thanks to your excellent mTrax software I can slow down the music to a speed that I can keep up with, as I learn the piece. I would like to say thank you, for two things. Firstly the best service I have had from any software company. When I have had problems, you have answered all my queries in a very prompt and friendly manner. Secondly for publishing mTrax, which is by far he the best music manipulation software I have tried. I went for mTrax because the quality of music reproduction especially at slow speed is superb, the sound quality of other slowdown software I have tried becomes very disjointed at speed below 50%. Using mTrax I have been able to record tacks to CD with no distortion at speeds as low as -60% (I have not need to go any slower) I could not listen to other slow down software at that speed."

*** "Works like a charm! Thanks!"

*** "mTrax is phenomenally great. I’ll always be able to find ways to improve it. But it has made learning new songs so much easier. Thank you for that. There are other ways (including free), and I have other trainers (like my {removed}), but your integration with my music library makes mTrax the simplest way to begin practicing a new song – any song that I hear and get the gumption to learn."

*** "I'm so glad I have your product.  I just love it.  Made a gigantic difference for me."

*** "P.S. I've been using the trial and it's an amazing product!"

*** "Very nice work. I love using this tool. Just learned the first half of Bella’s Lullaby last night using it, after trying to just play along with a sound track. mTrax is so much easier to use than any other method I’ve found."

*** "Thanks for a great product! mTrax allowed me to change the key of an instrumental accompaniment track to fit the vocal range of a singer. I lowered it a whole step and the result sounded perfect with no distortion or strange artifacts."

*** "Wow, does this work great! I love the new Slice feature – it works flawlessly… 10x faster than the previous method – in one quick listen through the song, I have sections for it and can immediately start practicing, adjusting the endpoints just slightly, if I was unsure, or not quick enough on the draw while defining them."

*** "I heard about mTrax while researching similar software on  I'll usually try a freeware version before buying, and yours was the winner!
I appreciate this software more as I use it, and have managed to answer most of my own questions or utilized your very nice web-site.  It's pretty intuitive once you get the general feel of things.
I'm using mTrax with some Jamey Aebersold "Play-A-Long" instructional CD/Workbooks, and these allow you to shift the balance to hear only select instrumentation or to omit select instrumentation.  mTrax is GREAT for this application!"

*** "I also figured out Merle Travis, Cannonball Rag using your program.. couldn't do it w/ Tascam."